Marketing Proposals | Greycore & Host-to-host

I agree (especially under the context of @Maggie’s point around us trying to address gaps from our perspective rather than our users’) – I, personally, don’t view marketing for increased share price to be a good allocation of time and resources since that’s more of a byproduct of having a solid user base (don’t put the horse before the cart)

Incentivizing ren assets is definitely something the broader community seems to be pressing for, I’m just not confident what the “right” time to do this would be (i.e. do we wait for an official h2h announcement first, or do we try to e.g. work out some deal with aave ahead of time for incentivizing renUSDC lending pools?)

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Thanks for chiming in everyone, some great suggestions so far. There’s so many ideas that it’s hard to agree where we should start?

How does everyone feel about me creating a poll to establish what our first priority should be?

The poll would look something like this:

’What should be the first thing we do in the context of marketing?'

  • Establish our target audience first
  • Establish our objectives first (increased volume/integrations etc.)
  • Gather data/metrics first (new unique users etc.)
  • Oboard a new marketer/marketeers.

I’ll try and get as many Ren supporters as possible to vote in each poll, and the winner determines our next action?

What do we think?


This is a fantastic breakdown, seems like an easy win!

We should see if we can coordinate with Konstantin on the team – he did a great job with the CC overhaul and I’d be shocked if we couldn’t get some good pointers from him

I’d also suggest we look at other projects that have set up coinbase learn videos and see whether we can achieve something similar – they’re a phenomenal way to get additional marketing from coinbase, gain more holders (won’t necessarily imply more volume, but definitely brings more awareness when you have some free dust in your wallet), and educate those with less crypto familiarity overall


Great idea, think it would also be awesome to include/emphasize that we need dedication from community members once we decide on a first step. This will work much better if we can formalize a team/group of people responsible for seeing it through (e.g. any kind of milestones we can put together, potentially desired timelines, semi-regular sync ups over telegram/discord, etc)

Yes, but the answer is really #4 because such resource would be charged with becoming heavily engaged in #1-#3, plus the unmentioned underlying issue of clarifying the value propositions and messaging which is bound up with all of those. Might be better described as business development rather than marketing - it’s more than just putting together some cute ads.

I’m open to other ways of achieving that of course- I’m coming more from the corporate world and as such don’t have much experience with organic communities coming together to do stuff like this; happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile:


the dark(node) council, mayhap? bwahahaha

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Great idea :+1:

I’m going to do a blitz on Twitter, Telegram and Discord to get as many people to vote on this poll if they can.

The outcomes of these polls will be important so it’s vital that we get as many people as possible to take part.

I will give each poll 2-3 days so people have a chance to catch up regarding their personal schedules/timezones etc.


Cool idea! It would have to be short and simple.

Have you seen this?: The REN Crypto Platform: Asset Tokenization | Gemini

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I’m coming more from the corporate world and as such don’t have much experience with organic communities coming together to do stuff like this; happy to be proven wrong

Unfortunately, I think we have sufficient evidence now that organic grass-roots growth won’t be our avenue to success (considering how much work our invaluable community members have been putting in to getting the word out, but seeing hardly any uptick in efforts from the rest of our community). Nothing wrong with bringing a little “corporate” formalization into the open source space :slight_smile:

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I have not! That seems like an excellent first candidate if we decide to pursue the sponsored-learning route – just transform “wall of text make muh brain hurt, not gonna read” into “oh cool flashy graphics that make sense” :smiley:

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Trying to promote this thread on Twitter, any help would be greatly appreciated :point_up:


I don’t mean to suggest that organic growth won’t occur. However, it is more likely to happen when there is a clear, confident, and compelling narrative that is strategically aligned and easy to understand and to communicate. I just think the best way to make all that come together is to apply the proper talent.

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Apologies if this has already been mentioned but I highly recommend looking at the Avalanche Community Hub: You can upload your social media activities, blog posts, medium articles, etc., directly to the dashboard and earn AVAX by promoting. Users are ranked and the team can assign tasks that are worth certain rewards. Here’s a shot:


Nice! I’m all for a dashboard to have an easy-to-access overview at all times of our marketing efforts. Tweets, videos, forum posts, potential integrations needing that extra push, you name it. Might even help in getting the naysayers or those eager to complain but unwilling to do anything about it involved as well.

We could host this on notion, asana, or a similar platform. Thoughts?


I really think1,2, and 3 will need to be done together if we are doing it ourselves. They are all important and need to work together. #4 is really different from the other 3 because as mentioned by @renmang if we engage these services then they should be able to help us with the other 3

My summary:

  • Goals:

1) Grow in volume of transactions
2) Expand the number of unique users

  1. From my point of view there are four determining factors for mass adoption and growing volume in the use of any technology platform:

a) Best possible technology (we have it in general interoperability)

b) Best possible user experience (ren bridge has it and the integrations will do the job per se).

c) Costs as low as possible to encourage arbitration and because in the future it will probably (in the face of a growing supply of protocols) be a determining factor.

d) VISIBILITY: The reason we are debating here. A debate that we have had a long time is about the metric value of the TVL. A direct profit-oriented approach rules it out outright (direct function of volume traded). But a vision in terms of marketing finds in the TVL the standard metric for De-Fi. Everything related to it for a simple reason: the need for liquidity in any financial activity.

How to stimulate visibility:
De-Fi acts like a thirsty body and always walks towards the oasis (liquidity). The protocols are measured in quantity of liquidity regardless of the real value that it represents in them (all we know that in RENVM it will not represent direct income). And we all know that human behavior tends to establish winners and losers, exalt the former, and punish the latter.

The answer to “How”, from my point of view, is directing all efforts towards a few objectives. Assuming that lending will be the protagonist of the coming times, the first priority should be to make a proposal in AAVE to incorporate renBTC. Either partial (immediate) for use in borrowing and lending, or waiting for the activation of Greycore to propose the use of renBTC as collateral (which will obviously generate a much higher adoption). I would be in favor of the latter but I like to hear opinions.

2) Expand the number of unique users:

Added to the 4 points mentioned above, I would add something very important related to Image Marketing:
The ecosystem is full of very young people who, although they do not provide the economic value of the big players, are much larger, more open and especially sensitive to other types of communication. In this context, 2 suggestions:
a) Rescue the epic of the Dark Nights. When I met REN I remember it as an interesting stimulus to the sense of belonging, and especially in a context of bright colors and serpentines, the halo of difference it generates in the community is very valuable.
b) The REN logo- Isotype seems to be frozen in time, old and dirty (I mean this with all due respect). I propose the same concept with a renewed aesthetic (surely Konstantin can help in this).

Thanks to all :heart_eyes:


This might not be the best place as it is probably more for the team to pursue, but Podcasts are also a great way to get the word out there. The team is no stranger to podcasts as they have done quite a few already, they have all been great performances and certainly boosted my confidence in the project.

Some appearances are quite old though, such as on Epicenter in 2018, and it would be great to appear again and talk about all the progress since and new developments.

Below is a quick list of previous podcast appearances that I was able to compile which could potentially be reached out to.

Of course there are also podcasts that have not made an appearance yet such as:

  • Bankless
  • The Pomp
  • Unchained
  • Decrypt

Plus, with the example of the success and attention generated by terms like DeFi or DEX, and the lack of understanding that interoperability generates (everything seems to be the same: isolated bridges, DEXes of interop., etc.), the launch of host to host is the ideal moment to install the idea of interoperability and in particular the unique character of the GENERAL INTEROPERABILITY of RENVM:

GIS (General Interoperability Solution)
GIF or GIFF (General Interoperability for Finance)

Make use of what has been effectively successful in marketing (casual or causal) over the ecosystem.


Users in the Railgun chat have been heavily promoting a Blockchain Marketing specialist known as ‘Token Terminal’.

Apparently they’ve had impressive success with numerous projects - with one of its clients being the Verasity project. Token Terminal claims that they helped Verasity hit a record 30k members which as a side-effect caused the token price to 6x.

I know token price isn’t our objective here, but they seem to be familiar with all the many possible channels for marketing (social media, guerilla, influencer etc.). No doubt such companies that specialise in Blockchain marketing are somewhat rare too.

Their stats include:

  • 250 Blockchain clients/projects to date.
  • 2,000 organic articles published.
  • 500 influencers worldwide.
  • 100 communities built.

Here are some pics and a link to their website if anyone wants to check it out

The Railgun community speak VERY highly of this company:

Token Suite


With the latest community suggestions taken into consideration, here’s how the first poll draft now looks:

What should be our first priority with regards to community marketing?

  1. Identify target audience, objectives, and data/key metrics first.

  2. Wait for the community fund to be allocated first.

  3. Find marketing companies/marketeers first.

  4. Calculate marketing costs/budgeting first.

  5. Establish community hub first (like Avax).

  6. Something else.

Is there anything you feel should be added/changed to the poll before it goes live?

Thanks all.