Tips on Running Multiple Nodes

I am not a developer, but I managed to create a DarkNode using Digital Ocean and the very easy to follow instructions. Thanks for the great support.

As I have watched the system grow and develop, I’m thinking it might be worthwhile to invest in a second (or maybe even third) DarkNode. So, while the economics of this helps me with evaluating this thought, I am not really sure about the technical side and how it would work. For example:

  1. Will I need to create a separate Digital Ocean account and pay an additional $5 per month or can I just use the one I have and use it for two or more DarkNodes? (The cost is not really relevant here, just knowing how to proceed).

  2. Within the REN Command Center, after I set up the second Node are all of the rewards and fees consolidated or kept separate? For example, when I transfer earnings out can I use one transfer for all BTC or will I need separate transfers for each Node? Also, will the ETH in my current account be used for both Nodes or will I need to add ETH to both Nodes? If ETH is used for both Nodes, is there any cost savings for having two compared to only one?

  3. If I need to keep the Nodes separate, does this mean I would need to create a separate EtherWallet to link to the Node as well?

I would really appreciate any insights I can get on this and hearing about any other caveats I need to be aware of, or benefits I could derive, from having multiple Nodes.


Hi, to run another darknode you can use the same command line, same api etc. Just use a different name for the new node.
Each darknode will run on a separate vps.
All the rewards are kept separate. But you can claim rewards for multiple nodes with one click.
You can use separate Ethereum wallets if you wish. But if you use the same wallet, then you can see all your nodes in the command center at the same time.
The eth added top your nodes is used to claim your rewards from the renvm to your darknode. to send the rewards to your wallet is a separate transaction

Thanks for the reply.

Just to I make sure I am completely clear, if I understand your comments correctly then from the instructions for a Windows OS I just need to start from Step 5 using the same API token I used for my first DarkNode and just include a new name? Once that is done I will be able to register the new DarkNode in my current Command Center?

Yes, just use a new name for the new node. all the configuration files for the nodes are stored in folders with the names of each node.

Thanks for the great support.

I am in the process of setting up a second Darknode and now I have some follow up questions. Not in any particular order:

  1. I’m using Ubunti for my terminal and it’s been a while so it didn’t register that I was not prompted to enter a password as noted in the instructions. It took a bit but I finally figured out that I need to proceed the commands with “sudo” and then I was prompted for a password. Is this correct? If, so perhaps a suggestion to update the installation documentation.

  2. Before I could install the new Darknode I need to update the CLI to the latest version. Last night I kept getting communication errors. Was the system down? Other issues that could be causing this error?

  3. I recently got a new computer. I started by trying to update CLI on my old computer so I could install the Darknode when I ran into the errors in 2 above. I then installed Ubunti on my new PC and tried to install the current CLI, but I ran into the same communication errors.

  4. In the documentation on github I noted that I should not have CLI running on any terminal, but doesn’t opening the terminal to update CLI mean it is running?

  5. In the same notes on github, is says I should update Terraform to version 0.12, but the current version is 0.14 (or maybe later). Should I just use 0.12 or the most current version? If current, another suggested update to the documentation. I did download the current version and made a copy in the required folder, but there is already a Terraform file in that folder without an extension that I could see. Do I remove the EXE to replace the existing file? Or just delete the existing file?

Sorry for all the technical questions, but I greatly appreciate all the support!

Hi, i didnt see this earlier. We have been busy with the holiday.

  1. You shouldn’t need to run the command with sudo. It runs under a normal user account and stores the details about your node in that user’s directory.
  2. It is good to update the cli. Save the existing .darknode folder to a backup in case anything goes wrong during the update. Not sure why you could not connect to github.
  3. Are you running the virtual ubuntu under windows? some people have had connection issues with it.
  4. The CLI doesn’t run all the time. It is not a daemon. It only runs when you give it a specific command.
  5. The current version is 0.14.9. It would probably be good to update. I don’t know how you update on windows.

I just did the process for adding, but use AWS and Ubuntu.
I saw goto Step5 on this forum, but actually need to go back a little bit.

I would suggest, for those that have AWS account setup and already running a node – just go back into AWS in the IAM services and add another user & group, download another .cmv file with your additional keys. and then deploy this. Instructions on Github “getting started on AWS.” Just augment the instructions, as you don’t need to setup everything again, just add another user.

It was actually pretty painless and it all integrates nicely with the MetaMask wallet.
(note: some ETH needed in MetaMask, but not needed to run the darknode anymore. Because it’s just that awesome now)

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