Darknodes metrics - add specific columns for de/registered nodes


This has been voiced quite often in the main tg, it would be nice to have separate colums for registered, and deregistered nodes each epoch instead of just the delta, thus this forum post to give this proposal a somewhat official touch.




I’ve been trying to figure this out for quite sometimes, anybody know any unofficial workaround until it’s officially listed ?

I am also interested in knowing # of deregistration request pending for number of days

like if I request deregistration today, my node will still be showing as registered for 2 epochs and at the end of 3rd epoch it will be deregistered.

So knowing pending deregistration would be good to know.

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I think it’d be a nice addition as well, but by no means, a priority request

In terms of UI assuming our current epoch set up, maybe we could keep it as is but just add a small +x -y next to it…
x being new nodes
y being old deregistered

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+1 I’m all for this.


This community project does it already! @loong shared it recently! Lots of great network stats of RenVM